Parents are welcome at the school and are invited to participate in school activities and to attend assemblies and other special events. Early each school year activities are organised to welcome new families and renew old friendships. Parents new to the school are also introduced to other parents both at occasional morning teas and when groups gather to chat in the surrounds at 'home time'.

Getting involved in the classroom, parents can assist with individual children, helping with literacy or numeracy activities, working with small groups, or by sharing a particular expertise with teachers and children in areas such as in science, environmental or health studies. Assistance in the library, helping with the canteen, being involved with the PFA and/or School Board, lending a helping hand on outings, or accompanying groups preparing for camps are always welcome.

All parents are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to the school in whatever way is most appropriate for them. Parents are encouraged to maintain frequent informal contact with the child's teacher. The school contacts parents if there are any social or learning concerns.  Parents are requested to inform the school if their child has concerns that may affect his/her behaviour (a serious illness in the family, loss of a pet, moving house, parents separating, etc.,) are all traumas which can temporarily change the way a child reacts to others and to school.

The Teacher

A Parent/Teacher chat is held early in the year to introduce new staff, to meet new parents and to be reacquainted with old friends and to hear about the planned class programs for the year. At the beginning of each semester, or at the beginning of a unit of work, as appropriate, teachers outline in the Newsletter the work planned for their class.

Reports / Newsletter

Written reports and/or interviews are organised at the end of each term to report on student's individual progress. Parent/Teacher interviews can be scheduled at any other time by request. The School Newsletter is published each Friday of the school year and one copy is emailed to each family.  Notices of school events, PFA news and School Board meetings and information are printed in the newsletter, keeping parents informed and up-to-date about matters pertaining to education and the school. 

Parent / Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews are held early first term and at mid-year and a written report is forwarded in mid-year and in December.

The interviews in Term One are designed to allow parents to pass on useful information about their child. It is not expected that this particular interview will provide detailed information concerning your child’s progress. This can, however, be expected during the mid-year interview.

Parents are most welcome to visit the school at any time. If any problems arise concerning your child, please contact the school and arrange an appointment to discuss the matter with the Principal and the class teacher, rather than interrupt teaching time.

We are happy to discuss any query or problem you or your child may have. Our role as teachers is one of support to you as parents, and we trust that you view yourselves as a support to us. Your child is God's gift to you and we are only aides to their development. Problems attended to as soon as they arise counteract much unnecessary misunderstanding. Parents are requested not to contact staff members at their homes.