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A clearly defined, collaborative process for the placement of children into classes will lead to greater efficiency, increased understanding and improved opportunities for learning.


To provide each student with the opportunity to be part of a class that will allow them the best opportunity to learn. To form well-balanced classes that take into account the social, emotional, academic and physical needs of each student.To ensure that optimum use is made of the prior knowledge. Individual needs and a whole school perspective must be considered.edge that teachers, parents and others have of each child prior to class placement.

While the allocation of students to various classes, class structures and class compositions are all ultimately responsibilities of the staff of St. Brigid’s, a collaborative process will be employed:
The process of forming classes will commence in Term 3 of the previous year.
The principal, in consultation with staff and after considering student numbers, will determine the number of classes for the following year, class sizes and the year levels of each class.
The principal will formally seek input from parents via the newsletter. Parents will be given the opportunity to discuss their requirements with the principal. This will be either by appointment or letter. Points put forward in this discussion will be considered, in light of the overall organisation of the school.
Students are asked to discuss with their parents three friends they would like to have in their class. This is then recorded and signed by both parebts and students. The school will ensure that the student will be placed in a class with at least one of their nominated choices.
Teachers at each year level will group the students for the following year. Consideration will be given to gender, the previous class( including previous teachers), each child’s ability, behaviour and friendship groups etc. Once draft classes are completed, the principal and the Leadership Team will make any necessary alterations.
Classes for the following year will be included with the December Report. All students will particpate with an orientation session with their new class and teacher before the end of the year.
Under exceptional circumstances the Principal may reorganise classes throughout the year.
Staff members will not disclose the composition of proposed classes prior to any formal announcements.

This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s four year review cycle.

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Term 1

30th  January - 31st March

Term 2

18th April - 30th June

Term 3

17th July - 22nd September

Term 4

09th October - 20th December

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