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St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community maintains a Code of Conduct for all staff members, clergy, parent volunteers, community volunteers, CRTs and contractors that clearly defines workplace expectations including professional boundaries, ethical behaviours, as well as acceptable & unacceptable relationships.

This Code of Conduct must be read, signed and submitted to and filed by the Office staff annually, prior to commencing work.

St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community believes that by defining the expectation for all staff members, CRTs, clergy, volunteers and contractors relating to ‘Child Connected Work’ they are more likely to act appropriately. The Code of Conduct enables the school to take immediate action when an individual acts in an unacceptable manner, which may result in disciplinary action including dismissal. This process is supported by the school’s complaints procedure.

The school’s Child Safety Code of Conduct is made publicly available to all members of the community via the School’s website. The Code of Conduct is communicated to new staff members clergy, CRTs, volunteers & contractors prior to commencing work and at least annually and they are also embedded into core documents such as the Employee Handbook.

Members of the Leadership Team vigilantly monitor professional behaviour & regularly remind staff members, CRTs, clergy, volunteers and contractors of their responsibilities at the commencement of each school term & at Staff Meetings.

St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community reviews its Child Safety Code of Conduct every three years or more frequently in the event of a complaint, or when there has been a change to the work environment or work arrangements that may impact on the protection of children.

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30th  January - 31st March

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18th April - 30th June

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17th July - 22nd September

Term 4

09th October - 20th December

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