St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community takes all reasonable steps to identify & respond to all potential risks associated with child abuse. The school recognises that child abuse manifests itself in many forms including; physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological harm & serious neglect.

To assist members of the School Community to identify & respond to these the following strategies are adopted:

  1. The school conducts an annual assessment of the effectiveness of its Child Safety Management Strategies by completing a Child Safety Risk Management Checklist.
  1. The school, in consultation with members of Staff, the Student Representative Committee & School Board have conducted a formal Child Safety Risk Assessment to identify potential child safety hazards and control measures to be implemented to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of these eventuating and causing harm.

The school reviews the Child Safety Risk Assessment annually in consultation with Staff Members or when there has been a physical change to the school environment, school or parent association activities.

  1. Some of the risks to Child Safety that the school has identified include but are not limited to the following:

»         Lack of an organisational culture of child safety

»         Familiarity breeding a culture of not reporting issues

»         Natural trust of long term employees (who may have developed issues over time)

»         School activities ie sporting events, camps & excursions

»         Before, during & afterschool care including yard-duty

»         Engagement of Volunteers

»         Engagement of Casual Relief Teachers

»         Engagement of Contract Service Providers

»         Private tuition

»         Parents Association activities

»         Working Bees

»         Special event including assembly

»         Information Communication & Technology

  1. Control Measures identified within the Child Safety Risk Assessment have been incorporated into the School’s overall management system for ensuring child safety at St Brigid’s Catholic Learning CommunityPrimary School.