Where can parents go to keep up with

the ever-changing online world?

As parents, you are not blessed with infinite time to keep abreast of all things in the online world, particularly
those that impact your children. Rather than trawling the web for reliable information (not everything you
read online is true haven’t you heard?!), the Australian Government’s eSafety Commissioner has created a
brilliant one-stop shop for parents (and yes we understand government websites aren’t renowned for being


The site is filled with current (not always the case on many other sites), Australian focused and easy to read
information aimed at parents just like you. It tackles issues that include:
● Cyberbullying (what to do and where to go to report it)
● App reviews (easy to check quickly before you give the ok to Mr or Miss 10yo)
● Online gaming
● Sexting
● Pornography & how to discuss it with primary school aged children
● Your child’s first smartphone
● Balancing screen time

Are you on Facebook?
Highly recommended that you also follow “The Cyber Safety Lady”. She is an
Australian expert in the field and by following her you’ll get handy news, tips and
updates directly to your Facebook news feed. Recent posts have related to
gaming (Fortnite), grooming and dangers on YouTube.