Bush-fire Preparedness

fire ready


Canberra 2017

All students have been organised into a vertical group with a child from Prep to Year 6 in each group.  These groups are named "Friday Munchies" and meet every second Friday at 12.30pm.  The senior student in each group facilitate the planned activities for that groups.  The program they follow is a school based program that includes Making Jesus Real and various social skills programs.

The senior students meet with the community liason coordinator where they discuss the intended outcome for each session. They then plan and prepare activites to deliver to their peers. 

The group will then have lunch together.  These vertical groups will remain the same for the students entire time at St Brigid’s with theYear 6 student exiting at the end of the year and a new Prep student joining the group at the commencement of the following year. 

It is hoped that this “family group” will support one another at various times but especially in the yard.

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Term Dates


Term 1

30th  January - 31st March

Term 2

18th April - 30th June

Term 3

17th July - 22nd September

Term 4

09th October - 20th December

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