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Canberra 2017



Our children are invited to apply to travel on the Government service free of charge if they meet the following requirements.  

1.          You live at least 4.8km from the school.

2.          St Brigid's is the closest Catholic Primary School.

3.          There is room available on the bus.  If there is not room on the bus, your child will

             be placed on a waiting list.  

             All enquiries need to be made to Gisborne Secondary College, phone: 5428 3691.  



Bus depot, Miller Street, Blaxland Drive, Bourke Road, Elizabeth Drive, Gap Road, Calder Highway to Gisborne Secondary College.  


SUNBURY NO. 2    Start 7.55am.

Cnr Brook and Aitken Streets, Macedon Street, Francis Blvd., Carnoustie Drive, Gleneagles Drive, Tulsa Drive, Sunningdale Ave, Macedon Street, Tuckerbag Supermarket, Gap Rd., Calder Highway to Gisborne Secondary College.  


SUNBURY NO.3    Start 8.12am.

Cnr. Heysen Drive and Elizabeth Drive, Melba Ave, Lindsay Ave, Gap Road, Calder Highway to Gisborne Secondary College.  * Evening run includes "Emmaline Vale".  Students to pay 40c per trip.  


SOUTH GISBORNE NO.1    Start 8.10am.

Melton Road and Couangalt Road, McGregor Road, Short Road, McGeorge Road, Brooking Road, Brady Road to Gisborne Secondary College.  


SOUTH GISBORNE NO.2    Start 8.05am.

Jeffrey Court, Millets Road to Couangalt Road, Brooking Road to Gisborne Secondary College. Morning run includes "Emmaline Vale."

Term Dates


Term 1

30th  January - 31st March

Term 2

18th April - 30th June

Term 3

17th July - 22nd September

Term 4

09th October - 20th December

Please remember to check our school calendar.