We are proud of the very special family and community ethos that St. Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community has developed. At our school, each student is known and valued as the very special person he or she is.


Children are encouraged and expected to be aware of the rights and responsibilities of themselves and others, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour in a supportive learning environment. School rules are publicly displayed and discussed with students; classroom rules are discussed and negotiated at the beginning of each school year.


Staff know each child well, and all children from Prep to Year 6 also know each other and feel that they each have a special role in the school community. Students are encouraged to interact with children of all year levels and to contribute to the organisation of school activities, such as assemblies, peer tutoring and sports carnivals.


Children participate in school camps and excursions, enjoy visiting performances, join school teams in cricket, swimming, netball, football, etc., and take part in varied activities such as music groups, chess clubs, assemblies and school productions. The design of the school building encourages a common sense of purpose for the school community. Several classrooms open onto a wide central multi purpose room which is ideal for the sharing of class activities, the displays of children's work and where the weekly assemblies are held, of which all parents and families are welcome to attend.


The school has an extensive all weather playground area with modern playground equipment and large protective sails providing plenty of protection from the sun. There are two basketball courts that can be converted to netball courts, there is a full size rounders court, appropriately sized soccer field, four-squares handball courts, hopscotch courts, and many established trees surround the school. There is also a large sand pit and a proper size long-jump pit. The main building includes a new amenities block. The school is also fortunate enough to have access to the Parish Hall which is used for many occasions during school hours or for after school social events.


Neighbourhood children are able to walk safely to and from school. The school is also within easy access of a public bus service. Many families have chosen St. Brigid’s for their children because they like its relatively small size, its philosophy, its safety of access, and its wonderful Religious teachings and strong community focus.