The provision of Internet and online services at St Brigid’s Catholic Learning Community  will expand the range of teaching and learning opportunities available to staff and students for the purpose of improvement in learning outcomes and effective integration within the curriculum. 


In educating students for a rapidly changing world it is important for them to learn how to use technology constructively, safely and effectively.  The purpose of this webpage is to assist all school users in becoming aware of information, obligations and procedures that need to be followed to ensure its safe and effective use.




 Cybersafety Issues

To help parents recognise and deal with common cybersafety issues, this section looks at the range of issues that children of all ages can face online and provides age-specific tips to help manage these situations.       These links are from the Australian Government  Cybersmart Site.

Cybersafety issues include:

What is cyberbullying, what are the warning signs and how can you help if your child is being cyberbullied?

What is sexting and how can you help your child deal with it?

Unwanted sexual contact
How to help your child avoid unwanted online sexual contact, including grooming by adults.

e-Commerce and e-Security
How to protect your computer against spam, scams, viruses and other internet security threats.

Protecting personal information
How to help your child keep their personal information safe.

Safer social networking
How to help your child interact more safely on social networking websites.

Inappropriate content
How you can help your children manage inappropriate content online.

Excessive internet use
When is your child spending too much time on the internet?

Mobile phones
How to help children manage safety and cost when using mobile phones.


Acceptable Use Agreements (Download PDF format)

ICT User Agreement and Photograph, Internet and Multimedia Contract.