8.30am               Supervision in playground 

8.50am               Meditation

9.00am               Classes Commence (Brainfood around 10am)

11.00am             1st Play            

11.40am             Lunch 

11.50am             Classes Resume 

1.50pm              Afternoon Snack 

2.00pm              2nd Play

2.30pm              Classes resume 3.20pm 

3.20pm              Dismissal       


Parents are asked to ensure that students arrive at school punctually by 8.50am every day and leave the school grounds as soon as possible after 3.20pm. Although teachers frequently remain at school after normal hours, they cannot be responsible for the safety of students after 3.30pm unless a special arrangement is made with the parents. Similarly, teachers' responsibility for students does NOT begin before 8.30am.  Parents who allow students to be in the school grounds before this time do so at their own risk and this practice is certainly discouraged.