It is hoped during their time at St Brigid's your child will:          

  • Grow in knowledge and experience of our Catholic faith          
  • Enjoy learning and view learning as a life long process          
  • Show increasing responsibility and self-sufficiency          
  • Develop a positive self-image          
  • Support others and show empathy
  • Display a positive attitude to discipline and grow in self-discipline. 

An important part of the children's growth at St Brigid's is the development of social skills.

These are taught and modelled so that students can:         

  • Learn how to relate to, and co-operate with other students in a Christ-like way.

 It is hoped during their time at St Brigid's your child will expand their capacity to:          

  • Complete a task          
  • Work independently          
  • Work with a friend          
  • Work in a small group          
  • Make decisions          
  • Be creative and imaginative          
  • Observe the rules of listening and speaking at all times          
  • Participate in group and class discussions          
  • Speak respectfully to and of others          
  • Accept constructive criticism and advice          
  • Take initiative in planning, developing and presenting work          
  • Follow instructions          
  • Express personal rights and feelings in a respectful way          
  • Act responsibly          
  • Act courteously          
  • Appreciate talents of others and accept their own limitations          
  • Be appreciative of opportunities.