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Canberra 2017

 "Listed below are the Gospel values which we believe are important in helping students to realise their full Christian potential.  It is understood when fostering values in students that the school and classroom processes and practices need to express and model these values. "Values are not taught, but caught and practised."  

  • Love We believe we are loved by God and created in His image.  He calls us into His life and invites us to respond in love that accepts and respects the talent and uniqueness of each person.  
  •  Faith We believe that Faith, being a gift from God, is a trusting personal relationship with Him.  It helps us to accept ourselves and others and to do His will in our world. 
  •  Hope We believe that Hope is sharing in the new life of the Risen Christ, now and in eternal life.  It gives us a purpose for living each day and making the most of all situations. 
  • Truth We believe that Truth is found in its fullness in Christ and we reflect this by imitating His truth in our lives, words and actions.  This develops trust in ourselves and in our relationships with others.


We believe Joy lies in the knowledge and experience of God's love given to us at every moment in our lives.  Supported by this love we attempt to find the positives in our lives. 


We believe that Prayer, in all it’s different forms, is an expression of God's relationship with us.  We need to respond to Him in openness and trust. 


We believe that Mission is to witness to the life of Christ, who by His example, showed us what true service to others means.  Therefore we need to be people of service to both our school, local and wider communities. 


We believe that Justice requires an awareness of inequalities around us, and a conscious choice to strive for what is right based on the Beatitudes.  Therefore each person should be respected and valued for who they are. 


We believe that Peace is living in harmony with ourselves and others which develops an inner freedom and desire for reconciliation with God and all mankind.  There is an obligation on all members of our community to be reconciling people. 


We believe that Mercy is compassion and understanding towards others.  It is shown through our actions and words of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation and healing. 


We believe Community is a group of people bought together sharing either common interests, beliefs or purposes, living in unity with the Spirit, as disciples of Jesus.  Therefore we encourage all members of our community to participate in a variety of ways.

Term Dates


Term 1

30th  January - 31st March

Term 2

18th April - 30th June

Term 3

17th July - 22nd September

Term 4

09th October - 20th December

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